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Functie: El./ Instr. Designer
Beschikbaar in overleg
Zoekt: passend werk



MTS - Electrical: HTS - El.(1 jaar, geen diploma)
LANGUAGES : Dutch, English, German
COURSE : PDMS, Meet- en Regeltechniek, Chr. Huygenschool, R'dam
COMPUTEREXPRIENCE : Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Documentum, Microstation, Autocad2002

Jun. 2004 - Present: ABB Lummus, The Hague
El Des. Eng.

Project : HDSelect for Shell in Pernis,

Construction support at site in Pernis, The Netherlands.
HDSelect stands for selective "hydrodesulfurization" with other words,
this new plant was built to make "zwavelarme" petrol.
In the near future it is permitted to have only 10mg/kg sulfur in petrol and diesel.
Work involved was testing, measuring and inspection of all electrical heat tracing circuits (about 250 circuits).
Pipes as well as instruments were electrically traced.
All types of electrical tracing was installed, such as self limiting cable, power limiting cable and serie heating cable (Mineral Insulated).
Manufacturer of all heat tracing materials was Thermon.
Electrical Subcontractor was Croon TBI.

Mar. 2004 - Jun. 2004: KCI bv, Schiedam
El./ Instr. Designer

Project : Gas Platform QC4 for Wintershall,

Design and preparation of various Instrument documents such as marshalling cabinets w.r.t. DCS, ESD and F&G systems, electrical & instrument room layout, IO-lists, instrument index input, instrumentation cable lists, arrangement layouts of various instr. panels, Package Unit block diagram w.r.t. skid or non-skid control systems.
Design and preparation of various electrical documents such as area classification layouts (NPR-7910), electrical cable lists, one lines, arrangement layouts of various el. boards, smart motor control circuit diagrams (modbus).
E and I typicals w.r.t. resp. motor starters and instrument loops.
E and I input for demolition - and new work in Scope.
All above mentioned activities were part of a Feed (Bid) Package for the Client.

Apr. 2003 - Dec.2003: Aker Kvaerner, Zoetermeer
Electrical Des. Engineer

Project : BDO-Plant for GACIC (Gulf), Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Responsible for the electrical part of all Mechanical Package Units such as Hydrogen Compressor skids, Boiler Incinerator Package, Solvent Evaporator Package, Compressor SteamTurbine Generator skid etc.
Involved in Bid Clarification Meetings with American and European Bidders/Vendors.
Preparation of smart control circuit diagrams as part of MV - (4.16kV) and LV Switchgears (460V).
Preparation of Hazardous Area Classification drawings acc. to American standards/codes (API RP 500).
Preparation of MV- and LV cable requisitions acc. to Client specs.

Jan.2003 - Apr. 2003: JGC-Dordrecht,
Electrical Design Engineer

Project : PURAC Biochem,Gorinchem
Preparation of Electrical Construction Package for a Lactitol Plant, specialized in the food, cosmetics - and pharmaceutical industries.
Preparation of various specifications for LV Switchgears (MCC's) and
other electrical equipment.

Aug.2002 - Dec.2002: IHC-Gusto, Schiedam
Electrical Design Engineer

Project : Exxon Mobil
Checking various electrical documents as part of Construction Package for a FPSO.
Checking Vendor drawings such as Gas Turbine Generator Skids, Diesel Generator Skids (Alstom)
6,6 Kv Switchgears, 440 V AC Motor Control Centers, LV Distribution Panels etc.

Feb.2002 - Aug.2002: IV Oil & Gas, Papendrecht.
Electrical Design Engineer,

Projects : Conoco UK, NAM and BP, Off-Shore Gas Platforms.
Preparing material specifications for MCC and UPS-Systems
and technical bid evaluation. Review Vendor drawings.
FAT's for above mentioned electrical equipment,
Preparing construction packages, scope of work.
Construction support at Heerma yard in Tonsberg, Norway.

1999 - 2002: Kvaerner Process, Zoetermeer.
Electrical Design Engineer (E-leadman),

Project: Water treatment for Shell Pernis.
Responsible for BDEP and EPC packages.
Preparing specifications for long delivery items,
Preparing 10 % estimates, MTO's, man hour estimates,
scope descriptions for demolition and installation work.

Project: Styrofoam Plant, Dow Rheinmuenster..
Responsible for total design and detail engineering
Progress Reporting, Man hour estimating, timesheets adm.
Preparing various electrical material specifications
for LV-equipment.
Technical bid evaluations. Preparing scopes of work
For demolition and installation construction packages.
Construction support at site in Rheinmuenster, Germany.
Instrument work such as checking instr. loops, DCS-controlsystems
w.r.t. electrical motors and field instruments.

1995 - 1999 : Dow Benelux N.V., Rotterdam/Stork bv
Electrical Design Engineer‚

Responsible for total design and detail engineering
content of various subprojects for Dow Terneuzen and
Dow-BSL-Leipzig according to the latest Dow Global
Standards and National Codes.
Preparing various electrical material specifications
for LV-equipment, modifications, HV Switchgears.
Technical bid evaluations. Preparing scopes of work
for demolition and installation construction
packages for revamp and grassroot projects.
Construction support in Schkopau (Leipzig), Germany.
Instrument work such as checking instrument loops, DCS-control systems w.r.t. electrical motors.

1994 - 1995 : ABB Lummus Crest B.V., Voorburg
Electrical Designer (sr)‚

Project: DSM Melamine plant.

1993 - 1994 : Amec Engineering Nederland B.V., Schiedam
Electrical Designer (sr)‚

Project: Shell Per+.

1992 - 1993 : Ontwerp- en Adviesbureau Vicoma B.V., Hoogvliet
Electrical Designer (sr)‚

Project: Shell Pernis.
Basic/detail engineering of various sub-projects of
shell per+, according to latest shell standards.
Writing electrical requisitions/estimates. Making job
descriptions, such as demolishing, excavation, plot
clearing and cable laying info.

1992 : Tebodin Consulting Engineers B.V., Hengelo
Electrical Designer‚

Project: Revamp AKZO salt & basic plant.
Assisting electrical leadman in making electrical
specifications, cable calculations and short circuit
studies:. Completing electrical drawing set for con-

1991 - 1992 : ABB Lummus Crest B.V., Rotterdam
Electrical Designer‚ (Sr)

Projects: NAM, Ultramar, John Brown and Dow.
Low voltage generator feeded 380/220 Volt distribut-
ion panels/MCC's for on/offshore installations. Eva-
luation technical specs. Medium voltage transformer
feeded distribution panels, connections with adjacent
control & auxiliary voltage supply panels. Selection
of equipment for synchronisation panels (Woodward).
Protection studies for GEB Rotterdam.

1984 - 1991 : Dow Chemical, Rotterdam
Electrical Designer‚

Project: Stade, Germany.
Plant and substation design of 380 Volt mcc's power
distribution systems, earthing, lighting and plant
control facilities. Total design consisting of:
bids and technical evaluations, inspection, short
circuit studies and construction supervision
at side in Stade, Germany.

1983 - 1984 : John Brown Engineers & Constructors B.V., Zoetermeer
Electrical Designer‚

Projects: Conoco-Offshore production facilities;
Aramco-Rastanura refinery Saudi Arabia;
Arco refinery.
Total design content, feasibility studies & technical

1982 - 1983 : Holec Projects West B.V.
Electrical Designer‚

Design/material purchasing medium voltage switchgear
and protection relay panels for clients in Saudi
Arabia, Iraq, Libya, Germany and Sweden. Evaluation
of project bids, proposals and materials. Monitoring
of shop design, construction and subsuppliers.

1978 - 1982 : Dow Chemical, Rotterdam
Electrical Designer‚

Refineries in Europe and Saudi Arabia. Substation de-
sign, low voltage distribution and plant lighting
facilities. Estimation electrical power requirements,
assesment of electrical distribution system, develop-
ment one-line diagrams, fault and regulation studies,
design of system components, evaluations of bids and
review of vendor documents.

1976 - 1978 : Stone and Webster B.V., Rijswijk
Electrical Designer‚

Project: Aramco, Saudi Arabia.
Sub-station design, low voltage distribution & plant
lighting for refineries and detailed design for high
voltage overhead power distribution systems.

cv: 7665

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